More than a Grocer: The Story of Migros

In Switzerland, two mega-companies vie for the support and loyalty of every Swiss household: Coop and Migros. Established as the Union Suisse des Sociétés de Consommation (USC) in 1890, Coop has an undeniably long history in the land of the square red flag. However, I believe that Migros has an interesting and somewhat unusual story that is worth telling. In fact, I often share The Story of Migros on my tours with Free Walk Zurich. Today, I want to share it with you!

Almost a century ago, Zürich resident Gottlieb Duttweiler created a company that has had a far-reaching impact on the landscape of Swiss business and society: MIGROS. Duttweiler was passionate about giving all Swiss citizens equal access to opportunities to live a healthy, well-educated life. His first idea was to sell goods at cheaper prices and deliver those goods to the people.

So, out rolled the Migros vans in 1925, which carried basic supplies – such as coffee, rice, sugar, noodles, and soap – all throughout the villages surrounding Zurich. In addition to delivering necessities to more remote locations, Duttweiler realized that he could cut costs for consumers by eliminating the middleman from the supply chain. Migros prices dropped well below competitors – as much as 40%! When producers decided to boycott Migros in protest, Duttweiler launched his company into a journey of manufacturing its own brand of products. Nowadays, M-Industry, the industrial group of Migros, makes over 20,000 different products! Continue reading More than a Grocer: The Story of Migros

A night out in Geneva

Dear reader,

Welcome to Geneva!

Tonight, you are in a very good mood and you want to go out, don’t you?

Part I: Let’s start your journey with a nice restaurant.

Recommendation n°1

Chez Arsène, 4 ruelle de la Vinaigrerie, 1207 Genève (French food) – Price: CHF 50-70/EUR 45-63

In this small restaurant, it feels like the time as stopped.

You entered in this quiet place where you can see your food being prepared (thanks to their open kitchen). It smells good, it feels good …Well, and to me it seems like home.

From starters to dessert, you will be delighted and live a sensational food experience. What a perfect way to start the evening.

Do not forget to make a reservation overall on week-end because there is a high chance that it will be fully booked.



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