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  • See S. Giorgio church, Madonna d’Ongero or San Grato Botanical Park and more
  • The town of Carona is located at 602 m. above sea level between the summit of Mount San Salvatore and Mount Arbostora. Carona is an ancient village with beautiful houses, decorated with frescoes and stuccoes and has a great number of architects, sculptors, stucco workers and stone masters that have left important traces of their art in the decoration of the town’s churches and dwellings. In the well preserved town center that is characterized by its narrow streets and small squares, besides the brilliantly decorated residences, it is possible to admire the 16th Century parish church of S. Giorgio. Besides the parish church other church that merit a visit is the sanctuary of the Madonna d’Ongero on the Carona hill in the forest. The Church of Della Madonna D’Ongero, is listed as Swiss heritage site of national significance. The village of Carona is listed as part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

    The other possibility is to visit San Grato Botanical Park with its 62.000 square meters. It has the greatest collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and other plants from all over the world. From the park there is also a stunning view on the immediate surroundings and on the peaks of the Alpine chain.

    We meet in front of the bus stop piazza Boldini at Via Geretta 19, Paradiso (buses 1 and 2)

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