Want to contact us?


- Do I need to sign up for the tour?

No need to sign up, just show up!

- How long is a tour?

A tour typically takes two hours.

- Where does the tour start?

We meet in front of the train station

- There is no tour when I'm there. What do I do?

We can arrange a special tour, please write to us how many people you are and when you will be there.

- What is the planning for next month/the following months?

The planning for next month will be announced on the homepage a week in advance at the latest.

- The weather does not look good, is there a tour?

The tour will take place, rain or shine. The tour will only be canceled in case of extreme weather conditions (and by extreme, we mean extreme for Schaffhausen ;-) ) and that will be announced clearly on the homepage.

Write us an e-mail to: info[at]
Or send us a message directly:

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