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- Do I need to sign up for the tour?

No, there's no need to sing up, just show up! But please send us a mail to basel[at] if you're a group of more than 8.

- How long is a tour?

A tour typically takes from one hour an a half to two hours.

- Where does the tour start?

The tour starts by the Tinguely Fountain in front of the theater, please see the map on the homepage. Don't be shy, ask people around you if you can't find us!

- What is the planning for next month/the following months?

The planning for next month will be announced on the homepage a week in advance at the latest.

- The weather does not look good, is there a tour?

The tour will take place, rain or shine. The tour will only be canceled in case of extreme weather conditions (something that occures very rarely in Basel ;-) ) and that will be announced clearly on the homepage.

- How much should I tip?

On average, our guests tip about 10 euros (CHF 12), feel free to tip as little or as much as you want.

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