discover liechtenstein

It is the fourth smallest country in Europe and full of contradiction and surprise. Attractions might not be as obvious as the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye, but they can be found if you are willing to look and listen. Find answers to questions you did not have before coming. Do we have a UNESCO Word heritage site? Did we make Portable Music available? Why does a car have a sticker with ‘I am 1 car’ on it? Why do people marry in this country? Why do we have a fairy tale government building?

How to get there?

Buy a Ticket to Vaduz Post from the counter. From Zurich main station, take the InterCity train to Chur at 9:37, get off in Sargans at 10:32. Walk to the bus terminal right next to the station. Take the lime green bus #11 'Feldkirch Bahnhof’ at 10:44 (next to a Pasta store). You will arrive at Vaduz Post at 11:15, the meeting place is by the concrete bridge above the bus stop.

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